Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 days of birthday - you can't beat that!

We had a great day of miniature golfing, ice cream, dinner and more ice cream for Matthew's official birthday celebration (the day before his birthday). The next day (his actual birthday), we were going to start with donuts, but being that we had overdone it on ice cream we had to wait a bit. But, not worries, we did force ourselves to get those donuts (and put candles in them for a birthday wish!).

We also got to watch some of the great Tom & Jerry cartoons - the old ones, not new ones - they're the best!

On the 31st, we got to have yet another day of birthday celebration with cousin Jackson - he turned 3! Check it out - he had to stick his finger in the cake first ...

... followed by his face! Now that's a boy who gets into his birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Matthew and Jackson!

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