Friday, September 4, 2009

If it seems too good to be true ...

I suppose I shouldn't have opened my mouth so soon, spouted off about how great our SCE bill was - after all it came in 2 months in a row at just over $1! I knew, I just knew it was too good to be true. And, yes, sadly it was. Since we moved 3 years ago hubby kept thinking there was something we could do with the wind machine that hadn't been used for many many years. He thought and thought and thought - he figured we get a good amount of wind here, and that somehow it could be turned into energy. Well, the day finally came where that did indeed happen. We became proud owners of a wind turbine. The wind machine is no more, and now every time there is a breeze I can just hear the sounds *cha ching cha ching*. And, for 2 months that sound was LOUD because I thought our bill was a mere $1. I kept looking at our bill, wondering where the hidden information was, and finally I found it. I didn't realize that when we switched over to the wind turbine that we would be paying our actual bill only ONE TIME PER YEAR! The $1 we pay each month is just a tax portion, but the rest is just waiting to be paid, I'm not sure when, but when SCE decides. Thankfully, I'm fairly meticulous in my money management and had been putting away our savings in an account to help pay off the wind turbine so the money hadn't been spent, just put aside. I had proudly posted on FB that our SCE bill was super low, but sadly I now have to take that back. Our beautiful wind turbine is definitely saving us money, but not in the bucketloads I thought it was for those 2 months. Oh well, it was a fun 2 months, and we are still making a difference, savings some energy, and making a difference in our energy consumption and our environment. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right?!

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