Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did I really do that?!

I can't believe I did that! Did I really? And, it can't be undone? Really? Wiped out completely?! Of what am I talking about you ask? My family's email accounts - yup, wiped clean, irretrievable information, off into cyberspace. I cannot believe I did what I did. I was trying to save money, trying to simplify. I had decided we didn't need our family website, it was a pain to update, I only updated about 3-4 times a year, I had looked and looked and looked at how I needed to make my account changes, spoke with a customer service person on the phone, and still managed to screw it up! Oh well, I had been meaning to clean out my email inbox anyway ... hmmm, guess I did that didn't I! And, my 2 step daughter's, my son's, and my husband's as well. I'm sure there wasn't anything in there that was of any huge importance, but I also know that I won't really know what's missing for months. Ah, technology - the question is, how wonderful is it really?! The next question is ... will my step daughters and husband forgive me?!

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