Thursday, September 17, 2009

'tooterull' - what is that?!

Ah, talking with my boy last night - he's telling me what he had been doing on the computer last night - he's learning about iWEb and iMovies and stuff in school in his Technology class, so he was explaining some of that to me. He then asks me if I know what a 'tooterull' is.

Well, I know a lot of things, but that was a new one on me, so I respond with a 'no, don't know what that is'. Ah, being the Middle Schooler he is now, he proceeds to laugh, saying he can't believe I don't know what a 'tooterull' is! I get a bit, well, grumpy that my getting bigger, not a baby anymore is trying to show me up. At this point, I start spouting off about teacher stuff, bookkeeping stuff, anything I can think of that he doesn't know anything about. He then proceeds to point out that the stuff I'm asking about isn't in the dictionary, but his is. All the while I'm thinking he's talking about something that's a proper name, not just a word.

And, then the light bulb moment for me!
He's not actually meaning to say 'tooterull' ...

he's meaning to say 'tutorial'!

Ah, now who got the last laugh dear Middle School son of mine?!

(by the way, this story was put on our blog with permission from that wonderful boy!)

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  1. I told him to take it easy with that... When I tell him something and he doesn't know what it is I kindly explain it to him, I don't act like a bully!