Saturday, September 5, 2009

I sold our home!

A day after my horrible fiasco with my email account, I sold our home! Yes, you heard me right. And, you ask, is this a good thing? Selling our home? Of course it is! But, what home you might ask?! Well, it was our home for 5 months (while we remodeled our now gorgeous beautiful new home).

The home I sold was our 1987 Alfa Gold 29' trailer!

We've been using this 'home' for storage since we moved out of it in September 2007. Seemed like it was time, we knew it was time - we even just managed recently to get the items out of it that we had been storing. What kind of stuff do you store in a trailer such as this? Well, boxes and boxes of glassware - yup, drinking glasses, wine glasses, glasses of all shapes and sizes! I mean, how many glasses can one actually use?! We kept enough to fill our dining room hutch, but it was time to let a lot of it go. Even got rid of a set of Normal Rockwell mugs, a beautiful teapot and plates, 2 punch bowls with cups, and a mish mash of other stuff (some were sold at Relay for Life rummage sale, the rest to a Soroptomist Rummage Sale - I felt better as they are both good causes).

Anyway, we've been talking about clearing it out and selling it, but as I find often, everything happens in its own time. And, everything about selling this trailer just fell into place - getting rid of the stuff, and finding a buyer for it! I had just put a 'for sale' sign in the window a week or so ago, and it just so happened that someone driving by saw it, stopped, and I happened to look out to see them looking at the trailer - we spoke for a short time, and about an hour after that they brought me cash! I have to add though, that in between the time they said they'd buy it and they brought the cash, I spoke with the vet ... and all I can say is 'easy come easy go' - looks like one dog needs a biopsy, the other needs a ruptured cyst removed. But, hey, at least we have the cash to cover it (almost)!

On a last note - it's going to be so strange looking out the window and not seeing that old trailer out there. I can see the trees now, but that trailer has been there for years - literally! And, it's like selling an old friend, like selling memories ... hubby's parents traveled quite a bit in that, camping at a variety of Thousand Trails RV Parks, and the kids all have fond memories of Grandma & Papa and the trailer. It is just a 'thing', and we are still blessed to have those memories. (Besides, we still have the truck!)

Here are a few shots of our trailer driving down the road ...

Bye bye, trailer!

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