Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I a pain in the butt parent?!

Okay, so first those are a few pictures of Matthew's first day of Middle School since I hadn't posted them before.

Now onto my post ... sad to say, I think I am ... or now that I think of it, I'm not so sad to say that. I think the administrators at my son's school might be sad to hear it though ;-). Okay, let's call it an 'involved' parent, rather than 'pain in the butt'. This is my son's first year at Middle School (6th grade), and being that I have an education background, you know, being an educator and all (okay, so it's been 11 years since I had my own classroom), I guess I feel the 'right' to question what's being done at school. Oh, wait, I guess I do have the right - he's my son, and it's his education we're talking about. Anyway, I have now emailed the V.P. a minimum of 6 times since the day before school started. All valid questions, but I am starting to feel a little too inquisitive. Eh, what the heck ... better to be this way than completely uninvolved, right?! I really do believe that parents should be involved, and I think it's okay that my inquiring mind wants to know!


  1. Absolutely!! You are the parent and should feel comfortable with the enviroment your son is in. Middle school is big! It (in my years as a mom) has always seemed that parents kind of shrug off the years after elementary school... thinking oh my child doesn't want me there, don't want to embarrass little junior or whatever... it is the MOST important time to be involved! You go!!

  2. I'm totally in touch with DQ's teacher in 6th grade...probably to the point of annoyance, but we are their advocate, regardless of age! too!