Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Boy of Mine!

Ah, the boy is 11 years old today as of 6:44am! Even he can’t believe he’s 11! And, I just know I can’t be getting that old! We had a birthday celebration a day early so we could also celebrate Uncle Chris’ birthday. Miniature golfing, McConnell’s ice cream cones, steak and mashed potato dinner at home, and homemade cookie dough ice cream (did you catch that we had ice cream two times?!). Quite a nice day. The plan for the actual birthday is to head out for donuts in the morning, church, homemade pizza for dinner, but not sure what will happen in between (can you tell we love some good birthday food?!). If it is as hot as it was yesterday then probably laying low will be the plan. All I can say is thank goodness for AC!

Miniature golfing first ... Uncle Chris kicked our butts!

Then one Star Wars arcade game (no pic of that), and some Air Hockey! Two games with Mom, one with Uncle Chris.

Ah, and the presents ... the boy had made a Power Point Presentation - yes, you heard me right, a Power Point of his birthday wish list! He got quite a few items from his list - Nana gave his this great journal (which he really wanted!)

And, Uncle Chris gave him an Amazon gift certificate, and Uncle Jim gave him a Barnes & Noble gift card - both awesome gifts! Other gifts were mostly books (which he's thrilled with), as well as a watch and Tom & Jerry cartoon DVDs!

Happy Birthday Bestest Son of Mine!