Sunday, October 18, 2009

So much to blog about!

I couldn't decide WHAT to blog about today ... Girls' Weekend or San Francisco trip. Well, I tossed a coin and S.F. it is ... the Girls' Weekend will have to be documented another day.

So, after a week away, we have landed - it's not something we do often, but I thought that for Matthew's Fall Break we should actually GO somewhere, and not just to Trader Joe's, or Ventura, or out in the orchard, but SOMEWHERE.

So, we did.

We went to Northern CA - yes, I do realize we lived up there for quite a while - Bob for 20+ years, me for 13 years, and Matthew for 8 years, but we had never taken Matthew to San Francisco to see the sights.

So, that's what we did this vacation.

We combined it with a family/friend visit which was really nice. We saw some things I had never even heard about ...
* the Jack London Museum
* the Petrified Forest
* a 'Castle' winery
* and believe it or not, even though I had heard about it, I had never been to Fisherman's Wharf.

I had visited San Francisco, but I have no memory of anything particularly "flat" there - always a memory of hills and Ghirardelli Square, taking the train by myself to visit my step brother, flying kites with my step brother, macaroni and cheese with sunflower seeds made by my step brother.

This vacation was entirely different.

First, we dropped our doggies off at their temporary home for a week - C.A.R.L.'s Pet Care Center. They do well there, so I really didn't worry. Next stop was Salinas to see Beth's new home, and for a yummy Thai Bistro dinner. We then headed into Hollister so that Bob could do church - we stayed at Aunt Annie's which is always nice. From there we were off to Uncle Murray and Aunt Muriel's. Okay, this is where I fell down on the job ... no pictures of us with Uncle Murray, Aunt Muriel or T'sa, Chris, Allyson or my brother Chris?! Hmmm, well we had a nice dinner anyway.

The next morning we decided we would head out to see the sights of S.F. We hadn't realized it when we planned our trip but Fleet Week was upon us, so we were heading out to go on one of the ships after a yummy lunch at Fisherman's Grotto (forgot to mention that we first met up with Mike & Kim). There were a few problems with this plan ...

1) we didn't know exactly where the ships were located - as it turned out they were about 6 miles away from where we started
2) I didn't read carefully enough that backpacks were not allowed
3) And Bob had a pocket knife with him that was not allowed on board

Forgot to mention we checked out the inside of a submarine - that was pretty cool. We also wandered through an 'old game' museum - very cool as well.

So, the long and the short of it ... we walked a long way, took a trolley (that was kind of cool - Matthew had never been on one), and walked some more, but didn't get to see the ship.

We then headed back to Ghirardelli Square, but also didn't know it was as far as it was from Pier 39, so that was more walking. Anyway, it was a long walking day, and wasn't quite what I had thought it would be, but it was still fun.

Look for more about our vacation tomorrow ...

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