Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alcatraz, finally!

One of the main things Matthew wanted to do on our trip up north was to visit Alcatraz, and finally on Day #6 we're going to make it! We got up, got ourselves packed, and off we went. Thankfully, we left a little earlier than we originally planned because we caught some pretty good traffic. Luckily, we made it in time anyway. We took the 10am trip, and it took us a full 3 hours to see Alcatraz, and there were some places we didn't get to! Much of the time was spent in the Cell Block with the Audio tour - that was pretty darn cool.

And, thank goodness, those wonderful Alcatraz folks sent a follow up survey where I kind of griped about not getting a refund for the first day (the horrible rainy, windy day when we decided not to go). They were very understanding and to refund my money. I highly recommend purchasing your Alcatraz tickets through them

Once we finished with our Alcatraz tour, we did a little more in San Francisco - the main thing being buying more of that awesome Boudin bread (and of course one of the loaves HAD to be a bear!).

Then, we were off to Clovis, via San Jose and picking up Laura :-) Once we got here, we were well on our way. We arrived in Clovis around 6:30ish, and how wonderful it was to see that beautiful baby Elliana (oh, and of course Rich and Katie too!).

Sadly, I was having such a good time hanging out with Ellie, I didn't take many pictures of her (and none of Rich or Katie). Ugh - sometimes it would be nice to have a personal photographer with me!

We spent Thursday night and Friday night in Clovis (we won't talk about the football game), and left early early on Saturday morning so we could return in time to get our doggies (otherwise, we'd have to board them 2 more nights, and no, no, no, that just wasn't going to happen!).

That's it - a week in the life of the Bardsdale Hammond Family on vacation in San Francisco. We had a good time, but we sure are happy to be home!

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