Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can't believe it was a month ago!

What you ask? My Girls' Weekend. I got so tired from posting about our S.F. trip I decided to take a rest before I posted about my Girls' Weekend in Santa Barbara. Anyway, here goes ... and for those of you wondering about tattoos this year? Nope, not a one!

Day 1 (Thursday) - no pictures of the airport pickup - it's really not that exciting.

Gayle arrives first, around 2:30pm, sadly without her iPhone which was taken from her in Dallas :-( So, the next hour or two is spent finding her a cheap and no frills replacement. It doesn't really matter that we had to do that, I was just so excited to have the first of 4 arrive! Next arrival was Heidi at about 5pm. So, where to from there as we wait for arrival #3, Molly, and arrival #4 Jen? Why, Chevy's of course! We had a nice leisurely meal, and after looking at Ikea, a huuuuge Ikea, across the street we decided that would our after dinner destination. Gayle had been there, but Heidi nor I had, so it was quite a treat! Wow, there sure is a TON of stuff at Ikea, and it's so cool because you can sit and relax everywhere! Okay, so after we were done, and boy were we done, we went back to the airport to get Molly and Jen. First, we got Molly - yay! But, sadly, Jen's flight was delayed ... and delayed ... and delayed. She finally arrived at about 10:15 (we had gone to hang out in Starbucks). So, at that point, off we went to Santa Barbara - an almost 2 hour drive! We arrived sometime after midnight, got ourselves settled in, and off to bed we went.

Day 2 (Friday)

Today was the day we saw a real live Super Model! But, first we went and ate lunch at Pascucci's - generally this is a restaurant we love, but today, eh, not so great. We hung out at the house for quite a long time - drinking coffee, chatting, etc. We finally got ourselves out of the house, and were quite hungry. We ended up at Pascucci's, but it was kind of a 'linner' - too late for lunch, too early for dinner. We think that's where things went wrong. Anyway, not a great meal, but as always with these wonderful friends, great company!

Now for some pictures!

First for some eyebrow tweezing by Heidi ...

Next, a few pics at Pascucci's ...

Sunglasses? Not sure why, it's just something we did ...

And, check out Molly ... always too cute!

And, what a great shot of Gayle and Heidi!

Ah, and after lunch we headed up State Street to wander through shops. We were doing fine until we had our very first Super Model sighting! Yup, it's true ... we were on one side of State Street, and one of us who shall remain nameless, said something like "Look, that's Cindy Crawford (and her husband and 2 children)!". So, what did we do? We tailed her for several blocks, until we figured out that she was probably on to us, and was getting fairly annoyed.

So, after we stalked her and her family down State Street, we decided to try for some pictures (taken by

Here, Heidi and I in focus (nope, that's not what we were trying for)

A cute one of the '3 Super Models'!

Ah, now she's in focus ...

Just a little past this point, we figured we were getting fairly annoying, so we backed off. Besides, we had gotten our pictures!

Tomorrow ... more about our trip ...

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