Monday, October 19, 2009

More vacation ...

Sure didn't seem like we did THAT much during our vacation, but I guess we did. So, we've gotten from Fillmore to Hollister to San Francisco. Now, we're still in San Francisco, we've had a day of walking all over Fisherman's Wharf, and now we're back at Uncle Murray & Aunt Muriel's to have a pizza dinner with T'sa and my brother Chris.

The next day we were to head to Alcatraz, but the weatherman didn't cooperate. It POURED rain that day - 4 inches I understand. We actually did go down and give it a try, but the rain and the winds made us go back and forth with our decision with a final decision being 'heck no'! We did end up over at the Vista Point by the Golden Gate Bridge - being outside in the rain and wind really made us feel as if we had made a good decision.

Yup, it was mighty wet out there. So, we're flexible people - we changed our plans and decided to head up to Napa, and return to see Alcatraz in a couple of days. But first, before heading to Napa, we had to get a 'bread bear', right?!

That bear didn't stand a chance with Matthew!

So, we went back to Murray and Muriel's, said our goodbyes, and off we went to Napa to spend some time with Bob's friends, Mike & Gail. We arrived mid afternoon, and since we didn't have lunch went straight out for some Mexican food at the Red Hen with Mike (Gail was still working) - well, Mexican food and maragitas - pomegranate margaritas to be exact (at least for me - Bob had his usual Negro Modelo, and Matthew had his Sprite). After that rainy day beginning, that food and those margaritas hit the spot!

The evening brought some hanging out at Mike & Gail's - great food, wine and conversation. Sadly, I took NO pictures of Mike & Gail's house, nor of Mike & Gail! Sometimes it's just more fun to 'live' the moment than to document it!

Next stop ... downtown Sonoma and the Sonoma Mission, a yummy cheese and bread lunch, the Jack London Museum, the Petrified Forest, and Castello di Amorosa.

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