Saturday, November 21, 2009

More November pictures ...

I was so excited to find these wall art sayings at Kohl's.  I put one above the pictures above our bed.

And, the other one above the beautiful family  photo take in Cabo that's hanging in our dining room.

And, Matthew is on the Principal's Honor Roll - great job Matthew!

And, check out the boy's outfit for the Winter Band Concert!  Quite handsome if I don't say so myself!

And, 'Mal our pal' who can't seem to keep his tongue in his mouth when he sleeps!

And, Tiger loves a warm body as the evenings get a bit cooler.

Apparently I'm gearing up for the holiday season when I take TONS of pictures - this month I'm doing a lot of picture taking of pets and not much else!


  1. Love the wall art -- I might just have to swing by Kohl's later!